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Happy Birthday to us!

Happy Birthday to us!

Nowadays it’s fair to say that the traditional birthDAY no longer lasts just one day, but instead, lasts at least a week. And here at Whip-It, our birthday is no exception, it's been a long old year and we are keen to celebrate. But for those of you who haven’t followed our journey here is a summary of the last year:

March 2020: job loss due to covid
Also March: Hass has an idea 💡

April: Logo designing and business planning

May: Website gets built

June: We see if our website is ‘mummy proof’ and we create our social media accounts
End of June: We hire our first member of staff and kit out the Whip-It Van

Early July: We offer free bookings to see how our idea works in practice (many mistakes and learning curves at this point)
28th of July: WE LAUNCH and on this date a year ago we took our first paid booking and Whip-It was officially born.

August: We accidentally bump into Jay DaSilva and convince him to let us wash his Car
End of August: We contact the City of Bristol College to look into student placements

September: We hire another member of staff and kit out a new van

October: We try out night-time valeting – it does not work

November: We discover you can’t jet wash a car when it's icy… Hass and Jade go to college to encourage students to do work placement with us.
Mid-November: Tomas Kalas books in with us (Bristol City Football Captain)

December: We have overcome the ice problem and hired a hot pressure washer. Hass and Jade organise a toy collection and subsequent toy drop for the Bristol Children’s charity.

January 2021: It's cold and icy, we discover that our actual equipment is freezing over. We buy staff mini heaters and kettles.

February: One of our vans has a breakdown on a customer’s driveway (we now realise we should probably get AA or RAC cover)

March: 5 City of Bristol Students have confirmed work placement with us!

1st of April: Happy April fools we announce the launch of our valeters calendar
Mid-April: Niyi from the Bristol Bears books in
End of April: We find out that we are a finalist of the BRISTOL LIFE AWARDS

May: We launch platinum packages and ceramic coating

June: we have a new idea 👀
End of June: Students have finished their placement with us

July: Putting in the prep work for our new plan and CELEBRATING OUR BIRTHDAY

This, of course, is just the highlights and some of our favourite moments and biggest lessons. We have no doubt that we will continue to learn, make mistakes and surprise ourselves in the next year but for now, we are going to enjoy a big glass of wine and an even bigger slice of cake 🍷 🎂