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Introducing Whip-it Partners

Introducing Whip-it Partners

Since launching the business there hasn't been a day where we haven't learnt something new and now the business is a year old, and we have had some time to reflect, we want to incorporate the bits that the love and change the bits that we don't...

For instance, we LOVE being involved in our local community. Over the last year, we have received lots of advice and connected with lots of other business owners and this has been a real joy for us, we also love all things marketing. And one of the things we have really struggled with is recruitment, so with that in mind, we are halting recruitment (but still keeping the wonderful staff we currently have!!). And we are going to look to expand our business and increase our services by working with Whip-it Partners. 

Whip-it Partners, are all independent businesses who have been vetted by us to help provide the best possible service for you! And it is our aim to connect local to local! Supporting local independent businesses whilst also offering an excellent hassle-free service, with the same wonderful customer service of course 😉.

From a customer viewpoint, it really doesn't affect you, you still book online, you can still have a chat with Hassan, Jade or Georgia and all your payments are still inputted through our page. Our services will still be the same and the only difference is that on the day either a Whip-It Member of Staff will attend OR a Whip-It Partner will attend. Either way, you will still have the same excellent finish and it means that we can start to expand our business and maybe in the future offer even more services 👀 Plus this means we will have more availability and you won't have to wait as long for a booking! 🙌

Sometimes change can be scary but in this instance, this is something we are REAALLLYY excited about!