Detailing Services

From new car protection to major and minor restoration, we use the most premium products and equipment on the market because we know your car is your pride and joy and deserves nothing less.

New Car Protection

Contrary to popular opinion, new cars do not always have the perfect unblemished paintwork that one may expect when buying a motor with no previous owners. Our New Protection Detail rectifies all those little imperfections so you can be completely happy with the look of your new pride and joy and give it the showroom finish you desire.

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Maintenance Detail

If you have recently had your car detailed (in the last 12 months), this service will keep your car in perfect condition and look fantastic. Our Maintenance detail will include an interior clean of your vehicle, top up protection for your wheels and paintwork and a detailed deep clean of the exterior of your vehicle. A blow dry is included in the service to remove all trapped water and drips that will slowly etch into your paintwork if not removed.

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Protection Detail

This is our entry level detailing package. Enjoy a fantastic glossy finish with lasting protection at a great price. Your vehicle will be deep cleaned, including clay barring for the removal of any contamination from the paintwork. We will finish the job by applying a long lasting sealant/wax that is suitable for your vehicle. You can select your choice of polish from our range during your initial consultation.

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Enhancement and Minor Corrections Detail

Our Enhancement Detail includes a single stage machine polish to correct minor paint imperfections. This service is most suited to vehicles that have had a machine polish in the last 12 months. It includes a single stage machine polish to correct the minor paint imperfections that will have occurred during that period.

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Moderate Correction Detail

This service will remove a range of defects including light scrapes, bird lime, marring (usually caused by inexperienced detailers) and the light scratches and swirl marks mentioned above. The darker your vehicle, the more the defects will show so this service so lighter coloured vehicles will achieve almost perfect results with this service.

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Major Correction Detail

This is the perfect service for darker vehicles as we spend more time on every stage of the process bringing your car back to showroom condition if not better! Even for those vehicles that have been neglected for a long time, the finish that this service will provide will be truly breathtaking

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Machine Polishing

If you just want a basic valet and machine polish you can book this more cost effective option. You will receive a consultation and based on your requirement will be given a realistic overview of the finish you can expect.

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Machine Polish and Ceramic Protection Package (Low Budget Option)

This is the perfect cost effective and quick way to remove any minor imperfections on your vehicle such as swirl marks and light scratches and protect your vehicle paintwork at a very reasonable price.

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Whip-it Wash

A completely mobile and contact free service operating in all BS postcode areas. Convenience is our speciality. Whip-It Wash offers professional, high class and friendly valeting and detailing services from either our own staff or one of trusted and vetted partners.

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