Whip-It Detailing offers a whole range of extras so that you can customise your booking and ensure you get the ultimate finish that you desire. See below for our list of extra and what’s included.


For ultimate protection, ceramic coatings will protect your vehicle from swirl marks and other potential imperfections caused from general use. We have a whole range of ceramic coatings from highly recommended brands to the most premium on the market offering varying lengths of protection. (From £200)

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This is a deep clean and dressing of your engine bay, giving it the WOW factor when you pop the bonnet. The service includes removal of any debris, a degrease of the underside of the bonnet and engine and finished off with a protective coat. (From £65)

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If you’ve seen our Gold Interior Valeting Package on the Whip-It Wash website, this is the next level. We will ensure all fabric/leather from top to bottom is cleaned and conditioned and every surface is cleaned (and dressed if required), including your spare tyre bay! (Interior Valet From £60, Interior Detail From £100)

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Damaged and worn headlights can not only make for poor visibility while driving at night, but it also can ruin the aesthetics of your vehicle. Having your headlights restored will make it safer to drive at night and enhance the overall look of your vehicle. (From £40 per Headlight or £70 for the pair)

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Imagine not having to use your wipers in the rain? Strange though, but with our glass protection service this can become your reality. This protective coating repels rain water so when driving over 50mph you won’t even need to use your wipers. You will also benefit from improved visibility and during the cold months, ice and snow are easily removed. (Windscreen £40 - Front, Rear and Side Windows £60)

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We can provide this service with the wheels staying on the vehicle or if you want the premium service we can remove the wheels for an even better detailed clean and protection service. Our Wheel Protection Service will protect you against tar and brake dust and make your wheels easier to clean in future. We will thoroughly clean the entire alloy and tyre and finish it off with ceramic coating protection and high quality tyre shine.

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Protect your convertible roof for a whole year with our Deep Clean and Protection Package. We will remove all the mould and dirt from your roof before reproofing it, so it repels water like it did when you first bought it.

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If you’re scared of ruining your beautiful interior then get it protected with our Interior Protection Service. Staines are easily removed because the protective coat stops anything coming into direct contact with your interior material. We advise this is purchased with an Interior Valet or Detail to ensure your interior is immaculate before applying the protection.

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Ceramic Coating Maintain and Protect

Ceramic Coating Maintain and Protect adds further protection to your paintwork with the use of a ceramic coating spray. This will enhance the life and protect your ceramic coating, but can also be applied directly to your vehicle paintwork.

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