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About Us

We (Hassan and Jade) are the owners of Whip-It and we’ve known each other for a number of years in both a professional capacity and as a friends. Much of our experience comes from working together in the events industry, however, when covid hit, Jade was made redundant, and Hassan was concerned over whether or not the sector would recover, and we agreed that it was time for something new. And that something new was Whip-It.

Whip-It was created and designed in the first lockdown (April 2020) and we officially launched in July the same year. A lot of time, energy and tears has gone into the creation of Whip-It and it is something we are hugely proud of. When designing the business, it was really important to us to create a business which had community at its core and that the personality of the business mirrored our own: fun and colourful. And ultimately, we wanted to create a service and a brand which had convenience at its foundation. This all originally started with mobile valeting in and around the Bristol area and once we found our feet and learnt from our mistakes, we worked to improve the business and its offering and have since gone on to offer our services in other areas and teaming up with other local businesses, communities, and partners.

We hope that as the business continues to grow and we continue to learn that we can look to develop Whip-It further but for now we want to thank everyone who has supported our journey so far, whether that’s by making bookings, supporting our social media, or offering us a beer at the end of a very stressful week. We really do appreciate the love and support.