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About Us

Whip-It is a Mobile Valeting, Cleaning and Sanitisation Service which offers our services to our local community, businesses, and fleets. We pride ourselves on being a convenient, professional, and most importantly, affordable service. We currently operate in all BS postcodes and surrounding areas outside of BS postcodes for a small travel charge.

We also pride ourselves on being fair and equal employers. When we launched the business (Hassan and Jade) we discovered that the car washing and cleaning industry has one of the highest slave labour rates and is a sector where the employees are at most risk of being exploited. In response to this, we have made it our mission to ensure all staff are paid fairly, treated fairly and have the opportunity to grow and develop in their career.

Our Story

We (Hassan and Jade) set up the business after Jade lost her job in the events industry (due to Coronavirus) and Hassan decided it was time for a new direction.

We had previous experience working together and thought we would make a great team, and Whip-It was born in the first lockdown. The business plan was simple, create a service, which is Covid proof, safe, cleanly, and convenient, since you can now order pretty much anything to your door (food, clothes etc.) to us it just made sense that you can order a valet and sanitisation service to your door too!

Plus, this means no more waiting around, no more queuing to get your car cleaned, no more trying to plan this around your working hours, just a simple service which offers complete convenience!