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Give the Gift of a Valet

Instead of giving the gift of socks, ties or cheap body wash sets give the gift of a valet! A present your loved one is sure to appreciate and make use of! As I am sure you already know, our service is both simple to book and convenient! We come to you, your loved one, sibling or colleague whilst they are at home or at work and get your beloved car into tip-top shape with no fuss or interference with your day!

Our vans have their own electric and water supply and our service is totally contact-free, meaning the pandemic and the weather doesn't affect our service. And as a reminder, we cover all BS postcodes (free of charge) but can travel to BA and GL postcodes for an £8 travel charge but this type of booking will need to be made over the phone, so you can still give the gift of a gift voucher to those slightly further afield! We have 3 options for vouchers, Bronze £35, Silver £55 and Gold £80. The voucher covers the cost of a full in and out of a medium vehicle at the wash level you choose.

How it Works:

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Bronze £35

Silver £55

Gold £80