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Whip-it for Employees

If you want to do your staff a favour and give them more time to enjoy their evening and weekends away from the workplace, Whip-It can help. Our mobile valeting service can attend your workplace regularly to wash your employees vehicles.

As many of your employees may work from home during these testing times, our mobile waiting service is able to valet their vehicles at their house, while they continue working hard for your business

This means no more wasting their valuable leisure time having to worry about getting their car valeted - we can take care of it all while they crack with their working day.

Whip-it for Employees

Partnership with your staff car park

We provide your business with a bespoke link to a booking form, along with a discount code where your employees can book in the time slot for their valet and pay online, making it easy and hassle free for your business to incorporate.

Valets while working from home

If you want to help your staff out by promoting this service to them, we will also do our bit. Whip-It will provide you with a unique discount code, specific to your business, that you can send out to your employees, helping them save money, while also giving them back their precious leisure time.

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