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5 Typical British Habits Found Amongst Our Staff and Our Customers

5 Typical British Habits Found Amongst Our Staff and Our Customers

Since setting up Whip-It we have noticed many quintessential British traits, which give us a little chuckle and we have written this article in order to share them with you.

1. Convenience

As you may have noticed Whip-It is a CONVENIENCE service, meaning that our aim is to make your life easier. What we have found, is that when we take bookings from our lovely customers, they always ask us ‘what day and time suits you’ or ‘I don’t mind’ and whilst we love this British politeness, we want to remind our customers that it's not about us, it's about you!

2. Apologising

Every customer we have had so far, always (and we mean always) apologises for the state of their car. Whilst this is a typically British thing to do, just know that we don’t mind how messy your car is, we see it as a challenge and ultimately that’s what we're here for!

3. Tea will fix everything

As a new business we have come across our fair share of hurdles and ‘bumps in the road’, however, there is nothing (and we mean nothing) that a cup of tea cannot fix, pressure washer malfunction? Have a cup of tea. The customer changed the location of their wash and forgot to tell us? Have a cup of tea. Driven into work and left the laptop at home? Go get it and then have a cup of tea.

4. Weather Chat

British weather can change instantly, and whether it is hot or cold, raining lightly or chucking down hail, the weather is a source of endless entertainment and conversation. Something which is discussed regularly amongst staff and customers and FYI we do valet rain or shine. In fact, on rainy days you maybe have spotted our gazebo!

5. Cheers, Thanks, Bye

Seems to us that everyone ends a conversation with these three words! And on that note, thanks for taking the time to read this, if you notice any of the above traits amongst your staff and customers let us know!

So, Cheers, Thanks, By