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Interior Coronavirus Treatment

Whip-It has two forms of interior coronavirus treatment:

Touch point Sanitisation:

Whip-It’s touch point Coronavirus Treatment is especially designed to stop the spread of Covid-19. It is an antibacterial spray that is concentrated to ensure that it kills the virus wherever it is applied. Our Valeter will heavily apply the solution to all the key touch points included in your valet on the interior of your vehicle.

Once applied, drivers are able to use the vehicle immediately so you don’t lose time or money as a result of having your vehicle off the road for a prolonged period of time.

Full Interior Decontamination:

Whip-It’s Full Interior Decontamination service is an air-con sanitiser. It is a can of solution that creates an antibacterial sealant over the entire vehicle interior. We open the can of solution in your vehicle and run the air-con for 20 minutes ensuring it protects the whole vehicle. Here are some of the results:

Cost: £20 with any valet or £30 on its own.

Interior Valet Coronavirus Treatment

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