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Sustainability Focus:
The Waterless Wash

Did you know the average car valet uses 150 litres of water?

If your business is looking to a more sustainable future, Whip-It has now launched its waterless wash, using Ionic Nano Cleaning Technology that produces the same quality finish, but without using the standard 150 litres of water required to complete the average valet. So if sustainability is at the forefront of your business ethics, the waterless wash is a great way to show your employees and clients that you are committed and passionate about sustainability.

If you enter into our waterless wash initiative, you will receive a monthly and annual digital certificate stating how much water you have saved by going waterless. You will also receive a Whip-It Waterless Ambassador Crescent that you can show off on your website or in newsletters to let your customers know you are committed to your Corporate Social Responsibilities.

The waterless wash is available with our Bronze, Silver and Gold valets.

Waterless Valet Bristol

Just click ‘Make It Waterless’ when booking in your valet.

* Heavily soiled vehicles will need the use of a pressure washer to remove some of the dirt. So if you want to go waterless, but we need to use the pressure washer to get you that same high quality finish, you can still be safe in the knowledge that you have saved well over 100 litres of water by going waterless.

Water Aid Initiative

If you don’t go waterless
we donate!

Water scarcity is a big issue around the world. It may surprise you to know that England is at a serious risk of a water shortage by 2040.

This is why Whip-It has set up an initiative where we will donate a percentage of our profits to WaterAid from all customer bookings that don’t choose the waterless wash option. Being part of an industry that is guilty of water waste, we feel it is our responsibility to ensure we are giving back where we can.

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